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College Planning

​​Few aspects of a student's high school experience can be as daunting as the college admissions process. From choosing a college that will be an appropriate fit to distinguishing oneself from thousands upon thousands of worthy applicants vying for a limited number of openings, students often need personalized guidance.

Our Philosophy About College Planning

Families often wonder what criteria the most prestigious colleges use when assessing students. Beyond looking for students who earn top grades in the most rigorous schedule they can handle and top standardized test scores, these upper-tier schools seek students who possess a unique angle.

Our primary mission is to showcase a student's individuality. Whether assisting with the application, the personal statements, a well-constructed resume, preparation for an interview, or follow-up correspondences, we utilize every opportunity to help a student maximize his or her likelihood of earning admission to a particular college.

​Why hire Beth Bristow as an educational consultant?

As a previous admissions counselor for a private college in North Carolina, Bristow gleaned an "insider's" knowledge that is instrumental in helping students better market themselves in the college application process. Helping students develop their own unique angle subsequently became a personal goal that complemented her passion for tutoring, and she has been able to successfully guide a variety of students through the college planning process for almost twenty years. Her experience, ideas, and attention to detail take the guesswork out of college planning.

Her range of college planning services includes:

  • Evaluating a student based on academics, test scores, and activities
  • Suggesting an appropriate curriculum
  • Setting a schedule for standardized tests
  • Formulating a college list
  • Detailing how to glean the most from college visits
  • Preparing a student for college interviews
  • Creating a resume
  • Discussing essay ideas and polishing the finished product
  • Reviewing an application thoroughly
  • Establishing a master timeline to ensure no deadlines are missed 

Bristow and her specialized team of experts can play as limited a role or as comprehensive a role as the student and family desire.